Friday, January 8, 2016

Week of 1/04 - 1/08

3:00pm CST - Thought I'd try posting at the end of the week just to shake things up a bit.  I'll likely resume posting daily.  The trade plan is still in a state of flux and I'm still wrestling with the best way for me to make some gains this year.  I'd like ES to get back into the mix due to its scale-ability so I started live testing in that this week.  Mon. and Tues. didn't go so well. Stopped by 2 ticks, then 4 ticks on 4-lots before price hit targets without me.
Wed. and Thurs. were positive but gave some back with CL and NQ.  I like the granularity of NQ but quickly remembered how fast it can rip up or down 20+ ticks in the blink of an eye.  Guess I picked one of the most volatile days on Thurs. to test trading in that symbol. We'll see if I give it another chance.

Friday went well if you exclude the 6E system trade (no chart) that shorted 2-lot after the Jobs Report and price rallied to take me out at a full stop loss. That hurt.  A reminder that starting next week, 6E futures go to half-ticks (like the 6J did last year). This will equate to current depth of market at any given price being cut in half so I would expect more slippage. Not sure what this will do to my 6E system.
For the week, each day was: -$811, -$811, +$335, +282, -$221 = net loss -$1226.  Would have been a BE week if not for 6E trade.

Net breakdown (contracts traded):
CL -$645(4), ES $1258(22), NQ -$580(13), 6E -$1259(2)
Net $P/L: -1226
Wins: 8
Losses: 13
Avg$Win: 363
Avg$Loss: -318

I've updated my $Range spreadsheet to see how the same 2-hour time period has changed in 2015. Click here if you want the Excel file with all the data. Most interesting was how 2015 compares to the 1st week this year with the crazy volatility! NQ and ES were equal to CL!

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