Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Trading Summary -2.6%

CL Contracts:14
Net $P/L:-405

Mon.-Thurs. 11/27-11/30 -2.6%

4:30pm CDT - Test traded a new method this week. Systematic entries, discretionary exits. A bit up and down as usual. Mon. -$300, Tues. +$206, Wed. +$108, Thurs. -$420. For the stats see the monthly summary in next post as I only traded these 4 days this month.  Back at it soon hopefully.

Friday, November 3, 2017


3:30pm CDT - Should be obvious to all but I've been in a rut.  Ya think?!  I haven't made many live trades of late and spend most of my time, when I'm at my desk, looking at charts with infinite combinations of settings, indicators, and such.  It takes time to find a needle in a haystack, or so I tell myself.  My expectations have certainly become inversely proportional to the time/years I've spent in this endeavor.  Every time I think of a new trading idea, scroll through charts, and record some results in Excel I run into unacceptable results.  I like to do this first before deciding to invest the time to "code" the strat but I honestly haven't coded much of anything this year besides a handful of indicators.

I need to get out of my routine. A start at that was today where I decided to revisit some past strategies I have coded.  I randomly picked a few and guessed at some settings and what instruments to run them on.  The third one in (coded 4.5 years ago), using NQ, produced the below.  Sure it's only 2 ticks gross profit per trade average but that's just with my "guesses" at settings.  Maybe there's something here?  Or somewhere else in my archives, with my lowered expectations...