Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wed. 1/20

1:05pm CST - Thanks for comments on last post. I appreciate them all. Thought I'd touch on some of them here.  First, I realize many readers often wonder if I have a method to my madness.  Generally I hate to write much (not good for a blogger) and some of my entries/exits may appear random unless you are in my head. Sure I'm human and occasionally go "off plan" but for the most part there's a reason for every single trade.

As for why I didn't stick to my CL method that seemed to pull $300 out of market most days for a nice stretch there? Simple, it was not sustainable based on further backtesting and actual results toward the end of that run that made me question things more.

Did I jump into ES with bigger size without a system or reasoning as one commenter suggests?  Of course not.  But readers can think anything they would like, or not read at all for that matter.  It's a free country! :)  This blog has never been about sharing system details and rationale for every trade. If it was, it would have burned me out and this blog would have folded up shop years ago.

Latest ES method which I started trading today is a tweak of what I was doing the past couple weeks and looks to take just a trade or two a day.  I still want to backtest further back but it should allow me to pull 6-7 pts. out of the market each week per contract based on data so far.  Hope to improve that but that will be more than adequate if it can be produced consistently.
ES Contracts:2
Net $P/L: 468
Wins: 1
Losses: 0
Avg$Win: 468
Avg$Loss: 0

In other news, 37% of forex traders were profitable in Q4.


  1. In terms of 'space to run' i agreed that for CURRENT situation, ES offer bigger playground than CL.

  2. All right man. I'll continue watching and rooting for you. Good luck!

  3. The moment I wrote what I wrote I realized the folly of writing with half baked information - I view my post with extreme prejudice. I am always in your chair - so keep whacking away

  4. Thanks all. Whacking away indeed!