Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Trade Analysis

It was a mostly up year but there were a couple sizable drawdowns, the last of which I'm still in the middle of.  Overall my accounts gained net +$5,701 or +24% of my trading equity at the start of the year.  Nothing to write home about but percentage-wise, better than most hedge funds and better than the stock indexes this year.

The data:

My biggest success was system trading 6E but it's good to know I had some slight success discretionary trading CL.  I'll have to think more in days and weeks ahead to finalize a plan for 2016.  Stay tuned and Happy New Year!


  1. It's better than negative equity! And once an account size gains critical mass that percent is enough (its a long road till that point though)

    Plus it needs to be scale-able. Here is hoping for more progress in the new year. Best of luck

  2. Thanks Sandy for the comment and for showing what's possible! Best of luck to us all.

  3. Yes, I agree with Sandy. It's so easy to focus on the way the year ended but the percentage return is v. good, especially when you take into account the number of executions and all the costs that go with that (spread, comms + slippage).

    Thanks for sharing all your data in such an open manner.

  4. Congrats- only a trader would be unimpressed by gains that non traders would rank as top notch. =)

    An observation on your stats:

    Chart 3 (Monthly P&L):
    July marked a clear turning point in your performance going forward. What was mostly conservative averaging about $500/mo transformed into an average of 4X those gains after July. Whatever mental processing and derived solutions sparked after the July draw down were quite effective- a good area for further analysis/reflection. A possibility for December's draw down was that you looked back, saw the solid returns being marked like clockwork, which then may have changed your mindset/focus - perhaps thinking more on protecting the gains for the year.

    In any case - data is always good food for thought. Congrats again.