Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wed. 10/28 + Snapshot of 2015 YTD

2:15pm CDT - CL was explosive today and I'm kicking myself for limiting, literally with limit orders, my profits.  It's a continual conscience effort to be content with a daily take.
CL Contracts:5
Net $P/L: 301
Wins: 5
Losses: 0
Avg$Win: 60
Avg$Loss: 0
More kicking was involved with missing a Euro system signal which was a nice winner.  At least I didn't chase the entry.  This got me to wondering how my Euro system has been doing this year so I tallied up things so far this year.  "Euro" in table below is all system trades and other symbols have some discretion involved.  More thoughts on all this after year ends.

Euro System since 2012:

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