Friday, October 23, 2015

Fri. 10/23

2:00pm CDT - So rare to have a Euro system trade 2 days in a row.  I took this one off after 12 ticks instead of 5 hours later for +33 as the system called for.  I really should have held it but didn't want the week to end on a bad note in case it stopped out.

I updated my CL trading tick chart, last reported in June.  I'm deducting 2.3 ticks from MFE - MAE to keep that curve close to my realized curve.  It's nice the changes I've made the past couple months have resulted in an upturn in the P/L.

For the week, net +$1358.
Net breakdown (contracts traded):
CL $312(1), 6E $146(1)
Net $P/L: 458
Wins: 2
Losses: 0
Avg$Win: 259
Avg$Loss: 0

In other news, 35% of Forex traders make money, if I'm reading this correctly. I thought it was much lower. 


  1. They only took US brokers, not taking the non-US market turns the article into junk reporting....another half truth ......waste of digital ink

  2. True, but I doubt US retail forex traders are any smarter or better at trading than the rest of the world. So the 35% figure could be close to accurate.

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