Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tues. 10/13

10:30am CDT - Got off to a rocky start but ended up okay despite all the money left on table.
CL Contracts:6
Net $P/L: 217
Wins: 3
Losses: 3
Avg$Win: 169
Avg$Loss: -97

In other news, I never knew this business existed when I was a teenager, unlike these kids.

I found the 14-year old's TV clip from the Canadian version of "Shark Tank." (starts at 1:40 mark and runs for 7 min.) I laughed at how quickly the sharks gave him money after seeing his backtested, hypothetical profit curve! Crazy!


  1. I read about one of them (marchese) a while back. Kudos to these guys for being intrepid - some will create brilliant things no doubt...others will find out how all business is full of failures.

    But these MSM articles are so misleading and horrible - making people think as if this is any easier than, say an uneducated man discovering gravity or building a cold fusion reactor......

    Its so retarded to even think like is a normal business.......even Livermore below his brains out...not one of them highlights anything close to what is required for sustainable long term survivability in the markets...even LTCM got it wrong.....

    But still they come to battle with pros that do understand this....I like it!!!!!!

  2. Agreed. But it is good in general when "day trading" is in the news I think, even if it is misleading or one-sided. As they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity! Bringing more moths to the flames keeps the liquidity rolling.