Monday, October 5, 2015

Mon. 10/05

1:40pm CDT - Not my day.
CL Contracts:4
Net $P/L: -495
Wins: 0
Losses: 3
Avg$Win: 0
Avg$Loss: -165


  1. Hi there,

    I remember you from back in the day on ET.

    Quite the trading journey you are on.

    How are you holding up?

  2. Just checked out your yearly equity curves. My heart goes out to you man. Do you have another job to supplement your income?

  3. Glad to hear someone remembers those days. That was a wild ride, 2007! Curious what made you remember me and look me up? I'm holding up fine. Have no debt and some rental income. I see you used to blog. Why did u quit? Still trading?

  4. I got into trading in 2006...worked for 1 year at swift trade...made a lot of money...only because a guy opened a branch who had a strategy that was working well and he hired people to trade it. The strategy stopped working quite abruptly around summer 2007...primarily due to the removal of the specialists if I remember correctly. Anyways, I was 19 at the time and made the 'prudent' decision to obtain an accounting designation. I now work 6 months of the year in accounting and make a good living. I have always traded a bit here and there, mainly swing trading...holding positions for a few days to weeks...didn't make a lot of money...but didn't lose money. But I wasn't making a lot of money so I really haven't traded much in the last year...spent so long following markets...kind of nice to just remove that part of my life. I still 'practice' day trading every so often in sierra charts by replaying the 1 min charts of SPY, MSFT, INTC, etc (the big volume stocks). I have a bit of a day trading strategy I have been playing with for a few years... I usually do well when I do these replays, however, I know its a lot different when real money is on the line and you have to sit there for 6.5 hours.

    I remember there was a period when you were doing very well...then took some big losses.

    I think I had googled your name a few years ago and found the blog but didn't comment; I just googled you again as I have been thinking about the S&P lately and I remember you were quite focussed on that instrument.

    Trading is a tough life...

    It would be interesting to have a conversation with you.

  5. Trading is a tough life but trading is also so simple. Not easy but simple. That's the challenge that keeps me going and interested every day! My email is on my profile if you want to discuss more.