Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wed. 10/29

2:20pm CDT - Recently I've begun to let faster charts have too much influence on whether I enter a trade or not. Need to fine tune my rules and slow things down.  FOMC sucked for OEC.  They've had many problems this year with chart feeds during fast markets usually resulting in a delay.  This afternoon was no exception.  My Ninja charts told me what was really happening luckily.  I had a 6E system short trade but passed on it (was an 18 pip winner) because "Last Price" on the OEC Trader DOM was stuck 100 pips higher than the "Bid/Ask" which were correct. One consequence was if you were short, you wouldn't be able to place a protective stop order unless it was above last price which was 100+ pips away, or so the DOM thought.  Guess I could have had a mental stop and exited at market if needed.  Trading is hard enough when technology works correctly! Ugh.
Net breakdown (contracts traded):
CL -$824(10), ES $220(2)
Net $P/L: -604
Wins: 1
Losses: 9
Avg$Win: 222
Avg$Loss: -92


  1. Tough trading during FOMC days. As for faster trading, I find that when I look at a 1min chart, I get sucked into every move up or down and lose sight of the bigger trend that works for my own time frame (5min), and I often end the day trading way more than I had intended.
    With all of that said... today was FOMC.

  2. I know u hate this but you may need to change broker

    1. Who do you recommend TST? I'm looking for a backup broker for when mine has issues.

    2. hI m !,

      May be u already use the same broker hehehe...Infinity Futures ?
      But not sure if NT fully supported by IF - some say yes.
      I use AT chart - a version of Sierra chart..
      Learning of Sierra chart is quicker thru forum

    3. Ha! That's my primary broker. :)

      They've been great all these years, only a hand full of glitches

      Thanks TST, hope thing are going well for you!.