Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thurs. 10/16

1:50pm CDT - What's with the spike today? Crazy volatility.  Again, if only I could hold trades longer...  If anyone knows of a free real-time news website for crude oil happenings, please let me know.  I searched for a reason for that spike but found nothing.  Perhaps just algos firing on all cylinders?  Interesting to me was that the CL Inventory report was the 2nd highest in past 2 years and far exceeded forecast, yet price did not sell off, thus making my short at that time (at 80.88) a terrible idea. So much for trying to mix some fundamentals in!
CL Contracts:10
Net $P/L: 236
Wins: 5
Losses: 3
Avg$Win: 176
Avg$Loss: -215


  1. Yesterday was CL and Gas report.. further yesterday daily position at the bottom, so after reports released the market want to jump up.. nothing technical or fundamental about it..only factors involved is timing of reports and psycho of players

  2. Your 'today is my 'yesterday'...i'm from malaysia :)

  3. TST, thanks. The Crude Oil inventory report was released at 10am CDT (my time) but the crazy spike was just before Noon, 2 hours later. I did find this on
    "At around 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT), crude suddenly surged as much as $3 a barrel as investors rushed to cover positions tied to U.S. WTI options trades set to expire later in the day, as well as automatic buy-stops. By the end of the session, oil prices had given up much of those gains, but remained higher on the day."

  4. Tq MBA, probably it was the cause..technical cause.., so it was like quadriple witching effect-- but nobody can predict it effect before the action start time i will wait longer deep into midnight on 16 or 17th ..thats the problem if trading from malaysia. ;)