Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wed. 10/08

1:45pm CDT - Tough day with too many mistakes or poor judgement.  The 2nd CL short trade should not have been made and the last CL short trade should have been a win but I took it off for small loss to lock in an overall profit on the day afraid it would end up a bigger loser.  Had a nice win in 6E but even there I overrode my system and took profit 10 ticks early, costing me $125.  And ZS was inexcusable as I bought twice above 9.43 just after the open.  Sorry no chart to show there but that was near the high of the pit session.  But tomorrow's another day...
Net breakdown (contracts traded):
6E $245(1), CL $210(9), ZS -$348(2)
Net $P/L: 107
Wins: 5
Losses: 6
Avg$Win: 170
Avg$Loss: -124