Friday, December 9, 2016

Fri. 12/09 + Blog Stats

4:00pm CST - No trades yesterday, mostly because it was rollover. Nice to catch a good chunk of range today with mostly choppy conditions in hindsight.
NQ Contracts:1
Net $P/L: 202
Wins: 1
Losses: 0
Avg$Win: 202
Avg$Loss: 0

In other news, Pandawarrior recently reported he hit 50,000 pageviews so thought I'd pull up my Google Analytics stats to see the data since this blog started and just this year (at bottom).  There's a slight downtrend since 2012 it seems. I guess interest is directly proportional to my equity curve! ha


  1. Awesome page view you promote the blog anywhere? How did you get your readership?

    1. Interestingly blogger says my pageview count is 358,500. Not sure why it's 25% higher than Google Analytics. Not that I care. Like you, I don't advertise my site anywhere. Early on I did have quite a few followers from Elite Trader where I used to post my daily P&L prior to starting this blog.

    2. I've found GA and blogger are not always the same...actually never the same....I think I got a lot of my early views from Big Mikes and your site is the top referrer to my site by a large margin. Lots of people visit me from your links. I'm rarely on BMT any longer. I no longer find any real value there. I tried to listen to the al brooks webinar yesterday....i turned it off when I realized his bar by bar is totally hindsight and the mental gymnastics he goes through to rationalize his trades is impossible in real time unless you have all that crap totally memorized. And even then, its to much information to make a real time trading decision. This game is so totally personal that listening to any one about their trading style can be hazardous to your pnl!!!

    3. Sites like Big Mike's are good for getting ideas but I largely agree with you and rarely visit much anymore either.

  2. MBA, those are some impressive stats, you are probably one of the most active and consistent blogs that share their trading equity/results. I credit 90% of my pageviews to MBA lol