Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Trade Analysis

As my regular followers know, it's been a tough year for me.  I ended the year down -$10,390 or -36%.  I changed things up a lot during the year switching from symbol to symbol and system to system to find something that "worked."  I did a bit of demo trading (results not reported in this blog) but still found live trading was the best for me to get a true feel if a method was a "fit" with me.  Most all of my 6E trades were a fully mechanical trading system (which I discontinued trading some time ago).  The other trades were mostly discretionary but with clearly defined signals for entry.  CL was the biggest draw of the year, followed by ES.

Here's the data for 2016:

On a bright note, I've been pretty happy in the past month and a half or so with my NQ trading. My patience improved a lot during this period and I was content to keep things small (almost all 1 lots).  I plan to continue NQ trading to start 2017.  Adding more contracts and/or other symbols will be in the mix also.
I'm as committed to trading and making a go at this as I've ever been.  The idea of failure or quitting is nowhere near my mindset.  Will there be future setbacks? Of course.  I'm a realist and know how competitive and tough this business really is. Eventually (2017?), I will be consistently growing the equity again.  Happy New Year to all!


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  2. Good luck to you in 2017 MBA. I've been at this for a while too and I share your mindset...let 2017 be that breakout year!