Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thurs. 3/28

2:05pm CDT - "Like a moth to the flame" describes my day. I hadn't planned to trade and was busy backtesting when the grains all shot straight down after the USDA's Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings news came out that farmers will plant the most corn since 1936. I wish I had remembered this report was on the calendar. It took a minute to fire up my platform and I immediately entered short TWICE before I figured out I still had my automatic stop set just 2 cents from entry.  I was stopped out nearly instantly. I had planned to hold for a bit knowing the potential was there for much lower with Corn at limit down in just 2 min., over 7% on the day.  My third entry (with stop safely out of the noise) was up nearly $1000 but a trailed stop too tight took me out ending with today's take after a couple later trades cancelled each other out.  My original 2-lot short went $3000 lower and I'd like to think I would have captured a nice chunk of that.  C'est la vie!
ZS Contracts:8
Net $P/L:184

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