Friday, February 15, 2013


No trades today but finished backtesting a new ZS system.  I was very optimistic (the curse of being an optimist) initially.  But then, not so much.  The chart on left is past 1.5 months and on right is about 6 months.  For anyone who thinks 100 trades is plenty enough to look at to determine if a strategy is worthy of trading, think again.  This happens all the time...
On to the next system!

Is Daytrading going mainstream?  There's a board game in development apparently. It doesn't have much to do with actual trading it seems to me but the name caught my eye.


  1. After 350 trader you won't be richer but wiser.

  2. Nice analysis. Consider a filter to eliminate the market conditions in runs 135-369. That would help.

  3. I bet that board game perfectly captures the emotions that go along with trading!

  4. Cory, I'm wiser with just 350 backtested trades - no need for real thing. Ha
    Anon, I wish it was that easy. No such filter exists!
    Liam, maybe for the emotions of SIM trading. LOL