Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Body Destruction

No trades today and likely none until next week for me.  In the meantime, enjoy this article about how we are all going to die prematurely!!  Or perhaps I will live forever as really only 4 or 5 of the 18 factors apply to me.  For sure 1, 2, and 9 (sitting all day, slouching, endless computer staring).  But 11 (boredom) only sometimes and 12 (dirty keyboard) doesn't really count if they are all my germs does it?


  1. "Or perhaps I will live forever" at least then you'll have plenty of time to figure out this trading business huh....

    Just kidding of course, as if I have any room to talk.


  2. Sounds rough, but unless one is born into wealth, one needs to make a living. I'm sure the body doesn't fare very well under poverty either. =)

    1. Actually it has been shown that third world countries have a much lower rate of back problems that developed nations due to the stretching and flexibility benefits of crouching instead of sitting. Of course this doesn't consider the detrimental effects of starvation and malaria

  3. Luckily the list not naming " Trading" is the worst job available ; )

  4. "3. Increase Change of Hurting Yourself"

    Yes, desk treadmills are what I have spent my life cautiously avoiding so as to ensure that I don't increase the chance of hurting myself. Forget the car ride to work, or the flight to a meeting in another city, just keep me the damned treadmill desks away from me.