Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Former Grain Traders

No trades this week so far so in the meantime, here's a good read...


  1. kind of sad;
    “I really had to swallow my pride, after making a six-figure salary with the hedge fund and graduating summa cum laude from Northwestern. There I was slicing deli meat, asking the customer ‘Is this thin enough for you ma’am?’

    1. Agreed. Personally I'd rather work at Home Depot!

  2. The recurring theme is once trading went electronic, the floor traders were unable to transition and felt forced to move on. It reminds me of when VAX was being replaced by UNIX at my company and all the VAX gurus and experts decided to retire en masse, rather than have to learn the new systems.

    Some were blessed to have relatives in the trading biz to teach them the ropes- what a great step up to have that added support!