Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wed. 11/09

12:45pm CST - Post-election depression that the USA actually elected Trump or realization that I am unable to execute whatever "edge" I thought I had?  Either way, need a break.
YM Contracts:16
Net $P/L: -292
Wins: 6
Losses: 10
Avg$Win: 43
Avg$Loss: -55


  1. Have you ever wondered if those who voted Trump were NOT just rednecks and included well educated immigrants, non-caucasians and women....

    Perspective, is important...the media is not. the world is, in fact, quite all right.

    Brexit and Trump are not anomalies, its pushback by a section of society that's been quiet .......

  2. Yes, the vote was for change and 47% of USA didn't bother to show up (or care?) Whether the world is all right remains to be seen. But life goes on either way. What can you do? Move to Canada?

  3. there is good and bad on both sides, i would not move to the states...but that's because of the IRS....not because of Trump...on the other hand......canada is not quite the liberal place most folks assume it to be....