Friday, February 5, 2016

Fri. 2/05

1:10pm CST - Not the day to add something new.  This week officially has me in a funk.  My ES System worked great last week. This week, just the opposite.  It was one of those weeks where the exact opposite of all my trades would have been net wildly successful.  As you've noticed, I've been trading with some pretty big stops and generally going for 1:1 RR.  But am I patient enough for this?  Do I have an edge? Today says no.  I'm trying to play the long game, focusing more on monthly results and being content if 5 days a month are what makes the month green and the other days just cancel each other out.  Likely will change things up again. We'll see.  For the week net -$4087. YTD -9.4%
Net breakdown (contracts traded):
CL -$173(6), ES -$1213(13)
Net $P/L: -1386
Wins: 5
Losses: 7
Avg$Win: 153
Avg$Loss: -307

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