Friday, November 6, 2015

Fri. 11/06

1:40pm CST - One Euro system trade after NFP report went 24 pips against me and 21 pips in favor over the course of whole day. I settled for 2.  Better results with CL but took 1st trade off too early again. Interestingly, of the 135 days I've tracked my MFE and MAE on CL trades, this is only the 3rd day (2%) where total MFE < total MAE but I managed to be in the green.  These are for sure lucky outlier days!  On the other hand, there have been 16 days (12%) with total MFE > total MAE but I ended up red.  [Note: this involved summing each days total MFE and total MAE, subtracting them and comparing to gross ticks gain or loss that day. Easy to do with MS Query and Excel.]
For the week, net +$1345.
Net breakdown (contracts traded):
CL $307(6), 6E $21(1)
Net $P/L: 328
Wins: 5
Losses: 0
Avg$Win: 66
Avg$Loss: 0


  1. Your persistence over the years is admirable and I'll be the first to admit that I sometimes thought it was bordering on insanity. But I'm genuinely happy to see a fellow trader stick it out and show real progress.

    As you say, let's see how it goes over the next few weeks/months but, for now, enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  2. Thanks. I continue to enjoy the challenge which is what it's all about. Insanity is underrated!