Saturday, November 1, 2014


I recently listened to a recording by a successful scalper affiliated with Jaguar Trading Club.  I have no association with them but they've been on my blogroll for ages.  Anyways, here's a couple screen shots of the recording that I found inspirational/educational for what it's worth.  The trader, Kenneth, did say that results do not include commissions. Results are trading in the CL and FDAX over past year.


  1. I find the creation of positive expectancy to be easier through win% (Ed) rather than R:R (Austin).

  2. JMF3... I'm all in favor of whatever works for anyone :)
    In my case, I booked +25 index points / +250 ticks TF in the past 5.5 sessions using initial stop of -8 ticks seeking profit exits of +30 to +60 ticks. Had there been less chop or had I been more aggressive on some exits, could have easily been double those results.
    Bottom line? Do whatever your trading account shows you that works :)

  3. Thank's for sharing MBA, on the site Jaguar Trading Club, on the left hand side he calls it "The Trading Secret". I have tried implementing size and fewer points into my method for years now... in practice. I'm still not a full time trader yet, but I do believe that it is easier to grab 1 point from the ES on a consistent basis than looking for home runs.

  4. If you are bored, here's some reading:

    Start on about post #65

    While Ed may have been a complete fallacy, I still stand by my statement: win% has helped me achieve positive expectancy more than R:R has. However, I wish I had added that neither is "right" - like Austin said, whatever works is what matters.