Friday, November 30, 2012

Fri. 11/30

2:40pm CST - I thought my tiny 12 Gold contracts pushed volume to record levels yesterday. It was the first day I had  traded gold in a long time.  But then I saw the record volume was actually the day before.  So much for my impact on the world!  Haha

Today ended up being a bit of an experiment toward the end of the day in 100% discretionary scalping.  I like to think sometimes that my thousands of hours of experience of watching charts and DOMs has to be good for something.  After getting down $200, after having been UP $200, I decided to throw out my mechanical entry signals over the lunch hour and scalp my way to either -$300 or back to +$200 on the day.  The latter was the result and I'm not sure what that means for my trading in Dec. and beyond.  Will have to think about that over the weekend.

For the week, net loss -$136.  For the month, net loss -$5301.
Net breakdown (contracts traded):
CL $83(15), GC -$62(23), ZS $202(2)
Net $P/L:223


  1. I would say something positive...but the only thing I can think of, is this -

    News driven markets, driven by order flow bots will create havoc in low volume "puppy" markets. These are pretty much everything aside from ES and Treasury bonds (ZN).

    As a pro trader your job is to manage risk. Be very, very careful with these puppies - CL, GC, TF, 6E et al.

  2. Puppy markets? LOL More like greyhounds, they are very zippy.

  3. Hmm, I am quite serious about this. Puppies depend on external stimulation, like from news, or ZN or ES. Then they over react, the rotation amplitude can be high.

    I would NEVER risk my capital on something like GC. Ever. I don't need to. Lately I am extending that attitude to CL and 6E. Am I right? - or wrong? The answer is always the same - what the target per month and year? and what is average risk per trade set-up.

    I cannot find a coherent reason to trade puppies, and I dislike the typical retail trader's reason that these slaves have big swings, all retailers want is action. I used to as well. I dislike that reasoning.

    My 2cents