Monday, October 22, 2012

Mon. 10/22

1:50pm CDT - Decided to focus more on ZS and less on the other markets (NQ and CL) that I have not been trading as well.  ZS is slowly rolling over this week and the Jan. contract should be higher volume by the open next week. Until then, Nov. it is!
ZS Contracts:12
Net $P/L:1288


  1. looked at a few od your posts in a row

    thoroughly recommend you look at zs only whixh seems to be your forte

    dont try to be a jack of all, take it from me, its tougher than i expected, and it isnt paying off for me

  2. Your second trade was very, very good. I approve. :-)

    Some trades your system takes I am not too fond of because I think they aren't properly using all the variables presented to you, but that second one is about as good as it gets (although your slippage is a bit too sloppy for my tastes -- it's not bad for a manual trader using market orders.)


  3. Sandy, glad you agree. It is certainly a balancing act between wanting diversification and a smoother P/L curve vs. pressing only on one market that I seem to do better at.

    TC, thanks. My system is pretty simple therefore it does not use all variables. Plus there was no slippage on the trades on this chart. Why do you assume I had slippage?

  4. I said slippage because if you zoom deep into that data down to the quote/tape level, your exit isn't near the optimal where the big boys were absorbing/hammering-in-reverse. So your system caught the move at the top level and the setup, but there was some sloppiness on the way out that, I think, wasn't quite in tune with what the tape was streaming.

    I assumed you market ordered out when you saw the flow reversing and then looked at the difference of your chart vs. where the tape activity was.


  5. TC, I don't follow the tape, just the charts.